Depending on the stage of your
business, your expectation and the
level of help and customisation you
need you can choose either 1-2-1 or
group coaching.


Whether your business is going
through a period of change or there
are barriers to growth or you simply
need a health check, myself or my
partners can help you to better analyse
your current situation and suggest
you a strategic plan of action


ACCELERATE SME is a series of strategy
and marketing workshops specifically
designed for SMEs. They are designed
to provide pragmatic tools and
exercises to enable business owners
make the right decisions in a simple yet
strategic way.


Academy for Women Entrepreneurs is
a training, mentoring and coaching
program for female business owners.
The program is created around a
system called POWER7. POWER7 is a
series of workshops which cover both
business acumen such as finance,
management, strategy, sales,
marketing, etc. as well as personal
efficiency skills. Attendance to
the program is available on selection
based on your application and an


"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."
-Jalal ad-Din Rumi.

I am J. (Ceylan. C is pronounced as ‘J’ in Turkish; which is why I have been known as J for more than half my life.)

I am a strategist and marketing expert who spent 15 years resolving corporate companies’ issues. Then I decided to put my know-how at the service of SMEs and became a business coach. I like to call myself an entrepreneurship coach and business strategist… Fancy, right?!

I genuinely believe that SMEs are key drivers for innovation, productivity, growth, employment and social progress. Entrepreneurs can change the world for the better. And I want to help them in bringing about that change!

Although there is a little bit of superhuman in every entrepreneur, unfortunately, leading a successful business is not an innate capacity. It requires a specific skill set and knowledge. That is the reason why more than 50% of the SMEs fail in their first 5 years and most of the remaining ones struggle to survive, leading to stress-filled lives for their owners.

My mission is to empower business owners in gaining a business mindset and developing skills which will enable them grow their businesses and achieve their dreams while living an enjoyable life.

How do I do this? I just make you light the fire and fan your flames.

Contact me now and let’s see how can I help you.

Until then, take care!

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